One Realigion



To provide a forum for the exchange of progressive ideas in order  to achieve realistic models for harmonious co-existence. Impelled by no other motives than  to resolve  human differences to facilitate the delivery of relief to those in need. A search for pragmatic, unprejudiced solutions which begin with each of us individually and end with all of us collectively.

One Realigion or Humanism,  acknowledges our commonality and promotes a moral realignment of the substantial resources existing on the planet which are more than sufficient to satisfy the basic needs  of everyone and alleviate suffering, without in any way, putting in jeopardy the luxury of the wealthy. 

The One Real-igion, the one thing that unifies us all, is our  mutual dependence on each other.  Service to humans and to the environment that supports our existence, need  to be recognized as our greatest imperatives.  We must  truly understand our inter-relatedness to everything else that exists and strive toward reducing/eliminating the proven detrimental effects of our rapidly growing carbon footprint and preserving the balance of reciprocal recycling that has existed  since the beginning of time. 

We need to convert the great energy we now expend fighting each other because of  different religious beliefs, the lack of a religious belief, homophobia, racism, xenophobia, tribalism, etc.  into helping the less fortunate of us and learning about the best ways of preserving  our planet for future generations. Ultimately we are all children of the same universe and are each equal citizens regardless of whichever piece of land or stratosphere we happen to inhabit at any particular time.  We each can lay claim to all of our universe.  

Why do self proclaimed intelligent beings persist in conflict over differences that make up no more than 5% of human totality but waste the incredible power and resources of the 95% of our commonality?   

Just as we have to learn to creep as a pre-requisite to walking, learn our ABCs and 1,2,3s in order to be able to read, write, add and subtract;  just so we have to learn to master human relations among each other globally before we could ever really advance as humans.   Until we have accomplished our mastery of the human relationship, and learned how to be exemplary husbandmen of our environment, then and only then may we consider ourselves evolved enough to explore the possibility of a relationship with any other entities be they visible or invisible, alien or divine.